Commercial Lynks Inc.

Sustainability and Our Environment

Commercial Lynks is committed to continuing global efforts to reduce our environmental impact. As farmers transition to more ecologically sustainable and resilient food production methods, CLI is taking important steps to participate in these efforts, including:
  • Many of our farmers use dry land farming to reduce water consumption as the Midwest continues to struggle with irrigation.
  • We support farmers growing pulses. Pulses help the environment by adding nitrogen to the soil they grow in, replenishing soil and reducing greenhouse gases. They also provide a great source of plant-based protein, and with its minimal processing and no refrigeration required, they help reduce food waste around the globe. See for more information.
  • CLI suppliers use less synthetic-based fertilizers to improve soil health.
  • CLI is verified with the non-GMO Project for many of our products.
  • We offer a variety of organic products that utilize more environmentally safe growing methods.
  • Our close relationships with local farmers result in money pouring into small communities outside of large, urban cities.

Food Aid

Commercial Lynks is also dedicated to providing food to those in need around the world. For the last 15 years, we have worked with the USDA and USAID to advance food security. CLI has been awarded several food aid contracts under the PL-480 title and successfully sourced over $160 million for food insecure nations globally, providing food aid procurement and logistics services. We are working to expand our efforts by reaching out to smaller charities around the US who require food sources.