Commercial Lynks Inc.


Commercial Lynks Inc.
Jayaraman & Tanuja Gnanasekaran, Owners
Alexandria, Virginia

Commercial Lynks Inc. (CLI), is a certified 8(a) firm that was founded in 1999.  It is a trading company that specializes in delivering value-added agricultural commodities to customers world-wide.  On the home front, CLI works closely with farmers, elevators, and producers to create a sustained market for U.S. agricultural products.

CLI launched operations in 2000 with only two employees and sales totaling $200,000.  The company has since increased sales to $50 million and has grown to 13 personnel that comprise a highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff endowed with years of experience in international trade and fluent in several languages for better understanding of our foreign clients.

Currently, CLI provides packaged whole peas, lentils and dry edible beans, bulk and bagged whole grains, packaged milled rice and bulk oil for the International donations programs.

USDA continues to be very satisfied with the performance, product quality and customer service of Commercials Lynks Inc.  They are very valuable to the International foreign food assistance programs and is very deserving of recognition as Farm Service Agency’s, Kansas City Commodity Operations, Small Disadvantaged Contractor of the Year.